Millennial Leaders State Senator Dominick Moreno & State Rep. Brittany Pettersen Endorse Joe Neguse for Congress

August 25, 2017

Former CD-7 candidates join other young Colorado leaders in supporting Neguse’s campaign

Boulder, CO — Today, Joe Neguse, former CU Regent for the 2nd Congressional District, announced he has earned endorsements from two millennial leaders in the Colorado Legislature, State Senator Dominick Moreno, and State Representative Brittany Pettersen.  Both legislators, who were just recently candidates for Congress in the 7th Congressional District, join a long list of millennial leaders in supporting Neguse’s campaign.  Neguse, 33, is running to succeed Congressman Jared Polis in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, and if elected, would be one of the youngest members of Congress. 

“One of the reasons I ran for Congress is because we need a new generation of leadership.  Millennials represent more than 25% of America’s population—and yet, less than 1% of Congress – just 4 out of 435 representatives — are under the age of 35.  We can change that by electing Joe to Congress and I’m proud to support him,” stated Senator Moreno.   

“I have known and worked with Joe for years, ever since our days working together at New Era Colorado to get young folks more civically engaged.  As a young progressive I know that Joe will fight every day for our values in Washington D.C., and I’m proud to endorse his candidacy,” added Representative Pettersen.

Neguse, who co-founded New Era Colorado, the state’s largest youth voter registration and mobilization organization, has also gained the support of millennial leaders in both the 2nd Congressional District and across the state, including: Boulder State Senator Steve Fenberg, Broomfield State Representative Matt Gray, Longmont State Representative Jonathan Singer, Jefferson County State Representative Chris Kennedy, and Denver State Representative Leslie Herod.

If elected, Neguse, would become the first African-American ever elected to Congress from the state of Colorado, and as stated above, would be one of the youngest members of Congress. Neguse is an attorney who previously served as a member of the University of Colorado-Board of Regents, representing the 2nd Congressional District for six years from 2009 through 2015.