Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

“Joe Neguse is the embodiment of the American Dream and I couldn’t be prouder to endorse his campaign for Congress. We need to send him to Washington to fight for working-class families and to protect the ideals that this nation was founded on."

Joe Biden

Company : Former U.S. Vice President

“Colorado needs bold new leaders like Joe Neguse who are committed to acting in the face of our nation’s gun violence epidemic. We’re proud to support Joe Neguse – a strong advocate for meaningful gun safety policies – for Congress this year.”

Gabby Giffords

Company : Former U.S. Rep.

“We support Joe because we know that he will fight for working families across our state and for Colorado values in Washington D.C. Joe is a leader who will be a steadfast advocate for our firefighters, and we are proud to support his campaign."

Mike Frainier

Company : CPFF President

“We need a truly progressive and bold leader in Congress now more than ever. That is why we are endorsing Joe Neguse for Congress. Joe will fight to protect our freedoms, and will stand up for middle-class and working Coloradans."

Gary Arnold

Company : Pipefitters Local 208

"From his experience on the Board of Regents to his battles for citizens at the State’s consumer protection agency, Joe has built a career dedicated to standing up for progressive values. Democracy for America members are thrilled to support Joe Neguse for Congress because he’s already done great things for Colorado and our country needs the next generation of progressive leaders like him on the national stage.”

Jim Dean

Company : Chair of Democracy for America
Jeni Arndt

"I've known Joe for years. He earned my heartfelt support when he was CU Regent. His hard work, passion, and ability to listen ensured every citizen across the district -- from the central mountains to northern Colorado -- was heard. He'll bring the same dedication and commitment as our representative in Washington D.C."

Jeni Arndt

Company : Fort Collins State Representative
Will Toor

"I have known Joe since he was a student leader at CU -- Joe is a born leader and a perfect fit for the district. He will fight for climate action and economic justice, and just as important, he will be effective, which is why I'm delighted to endorse him."

Will Toor

Company : Former Mayor of Boulder
Joe and Steve Fenberg

"Right now, more than ever, we need bold and truly progressive public servants to fight for our values. As someone who has known and worked with Joe for over fifteen years, I truly believe he will be the fighter we need in Washington D.C."

Steve Fenberg

Company : Boulder State Senator
Joe and Mike Foote

"I'm endorsing Joe because I know he will fight each and every day for the people of this district on the most pressing issues of our time -- income inequality, campaign finance reform, and most importantly, the fight against climate change."

Mike Foote

Company : Lafayette State Representative
Joe and Dan Gibbs

"I've known and worked with Joe for over ten years, and know that he will fight everyday to protect and preserve our treasured public lands and will champion our Colorado values in Washington D.C."

Dan Gibbs

Company : Summit County Commissioner

Boulder County

Former State Senator Dorothy Rupert (Treasurer for the Neguse campaign)
State Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg
Speaker of the House KC Becker
Mayor of Boulder Sam Weaver
Mayor of Lyons Connie Sullivan
Mayor of Lafayette Jamie Harkins
Former Boulder County Commissioner Josie Heath
Former State Senator Rollie Heath
Mayor of Nederland Kris Larsen
Former Mayor of Boulder Will Toor
Former Mayor of Boulder Susan Osbourne
Former Mayor of Boulder Suzanne Jones
Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones
Boulder County Commissioner Matt Jones
Boulder County Commissioner Deb Gardner
State Representative Jonathan Singer
State Representative Edie Hooton
State Senator Mike Foote
Boulder City-Councilwoman Aaron Brockett
Boulder Deputy Mayor Bob Yates
Former Mayor of Lafayette Christine Berg
Former Mayor of Boulder Leslie Durgin
Former Speaker of the House Dickey Lee Hullinghorst
Former Boulder County Treasurer Bob Hullinghorst
Former Boulder County Commissioner Cindy Domenico
Regina Cowles & Former Boulder City-Councilman Macon Cowles
Former Boulder Dems Chair Dan Gould
Former State Representative Claire Levy
Rich Pelletier (Former Deputy Campaign Manager for U.S Senator Bernie Sanders)
Boulder Valley School District Board Member Kathy Gebhardt
Dr. Noah Finkelstein, Direcor of Colorado Center for STEM Learning
Boulder County Treasurer Paul Weissmann
Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle
Former House Majority Leader Alice Madden
CU Regent for 2nd Congressional District Linda Shoemaker
Neal Lurie, President, Center for Resource Conservation
Sean Maher, Former Executive Director, Boulder Small Business Development Center
Former Boulder City-Councilwoman Sally Martin
Former Boulder City-Councilman Ken Wilson
Former Boulder Dems Chair Joel Davidow
Former Boulder Dems Vice Chair Laura Spicer
Former Boulder City-Councilwoman Robin Bohanan
Former State Representative Ruth Wright
Former State Representative Tom Plant
Former State Representative Todd Saliman
Former Boulder County Commissioner Ben Pearlman
Former Boulder City-Councilwoman Francoise Poinsatte
Former Boulder Deputy Mayor Suzy Ageton
Nikhil Mankekar, Deputy Chairperson, Boulder Human Relations Commission
Former Boulder City-Councilman Andy Schultheiss
Former Boulder City-Councilwoman Jan Burton
Former Boulder City-Councilman Andrew Shoemaker
Superior Town Trustee Mark Lacis
Former Boulder City Councilmember Angelique Espinoza
Boulder County Coroner Emma Hall

Larimer County

Former U.S. Congresswoman Betsy Markey
State Senator Joann Ginal
State Representative Jeni Arndt
State Representative Cathy Kipp
Larimer County Commissioner John Kefalas
Fort Collins City-Councilwoman Kristin Stephens
Mayor of Loveland Jacki Marsh
Former Loveland City-Councilwoman Leah Johnson
Loveland City-Councilman Richard Ball
Larimer County Assessor Bob Overbeck
Former Mayor of Fort Collins Susan Kirkpatrick
Former State Senator Bob Bacon
Poudre School Board Member Nancy Tellez
Vice-President of Thompson School District Board of Education Pam Howard
Former Thompson School District Board of Education Member Dave Levy
Former Fort Collins State Rep. Angie Paccione

Central Mountains (Eagle, Summit, Clear Creek & Grand)

Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier
Summit County Commissioner Thomas Davidson
Former Summit County Commissioner Dan Gibbs
Former Summit County Assessor Beverly Breakstone
Former Clear Creek County Commissioner Tim Mauck
Former Eagle County Commissioner Jill Ryan
State Representative Dylan Roberts
Former State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush
Former State Representative Millie Hamner
District Attorney Bruce Brown (Eagle, Clear Creek & Summit Counties)
Former Summit County Dems Chair Sandy Briggs
Former Mayor of Dillon Kevin Burns
Clear Creek County Commissioner Randy Wheelock

Broomfield County

Broomfield Mayor Pro Tem Guyleen Castriotta
Broomfield Councilmember William Lindstedt
Former Broomfield Dems County Chair Judy Enderle
State Representative Matt Gray
Former Broomfield Dems Chair Tom Mehling
Broomfield Councilmember Stan Jezierski
Broomfield Councilmember Deven Shaff
Adams 12 School Board President Kathy Plomer
BVSD Board Member Kitty Sargent
Broomfield Councilmember Sharon Tessier
Former Broomfield Councilmember Bette Erickson

Park, Jefferson & Gilpin Counties

Former State Senate President Joan Fitzgerald
State Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp
Former State Senator Jeannie Nicholson
State Representative Chris Kennedy
Former State Senator Andy Kerr
State Senator Brittany Pettersen


Sierra Club
Democratic Conservation Alliance
Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence
NARAL Pro-Choice America
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
National Association of Letter Carriers
Airline Pilots Association
American Postal Workers Union
International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART)
Communication Workers of America
United Food and Commercial Workers
SEIU Local 105
Colorado AFL-CIO
Pipefitters Union Local #208
Plumbers Union Local #301
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters
Democracy for America
End Citizens United
Humane Society Legislative Fund
Council for a Livable World
League of Conservation Voters Action Fund
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Congressional Progressive Caucus
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

State & National Leaders

Former President Barack Obama
Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden
U.S. Senator Cory Booker
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren
U.S. Senator Kamala Harris
Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro
U.S. Congresswoman & Former Co-Chair of Congressional Progressive Caucus Barbara Lee
Colorado House Majority Leader Alex Garnett
Former Mayor of Denver Wellington Webb
Former State Representative Wilma Webb
Former State Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman
State Senator Faith Winter
State Senator Rhonda Fields
State Senator Angela Williams
JoyAnn Ruscha (Former Colorado Political Director for US Senator Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign)
State Senator Nancy Todd
Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia
State Senator Dominick Moreno
State Senator Jeff Bridges
Former State Representative Dan Pabon
Former Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher
State Board of Education Member Val Flores
State Representative Leslie Herod
State Representative James Coleman
State Representative Janet Buckner
State Representative Daneya Esgar
Daniel Ramos
Former State Senator Polly Baca
Former State Representative Joe Rice
State Representative Chris Hansen
Former Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino

Community Endorsements

Marcia & Joe Newhart (Silverthorne)
Lauren Airey (Silverthorne)
Joyce Fischer (Boulder)
Diane Rosenthal (Boulder)
Pamela & Stan Brown (Boulder)
Erika Blum (Boulder)
Kody Berkley (Silverthorne)
Donna Winslow-Arnove (Breckenridge)
Sue McHenry (Silverthorne)
Alison Burchell (Boulder)
Deborah Wuttke (Boulder)
John Tayer (Boulder)
Rebecca Dickson (Boulder)
Ann Molison (Fort Collins)
David & Emily Takahashi (Boulder)
Gary Kahn (Boulder)
Dmitri Uzdensky (Boulder)
Conor May (Boulder)
William Briggs (Boulder)
Carl & Tinbai Tinsiman (Boulder)
Molly May (Boulder)
Vince Calvano (Boulder)
Leslie Lomes (Boulder)
Merrill Glustrom (Boulder)
Shoni Kahn (Boulder)
Ian Gowing (Idaho Springs)
Aleta Trabue (Empire)
Chuck Hutaff (Idaho Springs)
Etta Satter (Evergreen)
Nancy Friedman (Evergreen)
Peter Monson (Evergreen)
Jimy Murphy (Evergreen)